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The Coronavirus Increases The Home Sales with Garden and Balcony

Due to the confinement, many families think of changing their homes for one with more space. Having a garden or a balcony has become a luxury right now although it is not available to everyone. However, several informative portals have detected a considerable increase in the search for housing that has a balcony, terrace, and garden.

It is known that confinement will change the family’s priorities and give housing importance that until now it may not have had. Many will realize these days that the home in which they live does not adapt to their needs and those who are looking for a new home will surely introduce new parameters in the search that perhaps six months ago had not been considered, such as having a large outside area like a garden.

This desire to be able to have a garden in the future house that is being sought also indicates that many families are willing to leave large cities to go to live in the suburbs or less populated areas where these houses can be found with more open spaces and fresh air.


Searching for a Home Outside the City

With the arrival of quarantine, many families paid more attention to the construction of their homes both to the location and to the environments they have. Many wish they were further away from the city to have more natural light and to be closer to nature.

The greater availability of this type of property outside the big cities is not the only reason that pushes the demand outside the big cities. The reality is also that in addition to having more options, they are cheaper. And the good functioning that teleworking is having that many have been forced to do by confinement is leading many professionals to consider living outside the cities as the presence in their offices is becoming more and more dispensable.


How Should a Home Be Designed After Covid-19?

1.- According to the land with which it is available, it is advisable to distribute the spaces in a better way. In case a house needs to be increased in size, this will be possible with the expansion of the facades to build a gallery that serves different functions.

2.- The need for a terrace or balcony. If the home does not have the space for a garden, a way must be found to include a terrace or balcony in the construction programs. This will help the environment ventilation and people to get a little fresh air during confinement.

3.- Houses or apartments should include the main entrance that serves as a pre-disinfection before entering the home. In this way, it is recommended that this room be built with low-porous materials, including clothing cabinets and shoe cabinets, and a sink to sanitize before entering the home.

There is no doubt that from now on, many architects will take many points into account when designing a new apartment or home due to the coronavirus. On the other hand, houses that already have gardens and balconies are and will always be the most chosen to receive better lighting and fresh air.