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How to Give Your Home an Industrial Style?

The new trends in interior decoration opt for dark colors, recover elements that seem taken from an old factory, open spaces, and the use of materials such as steel, wood, iron, or metal. If you are one of those who want to give a renewed air to your home with an industrial touch, without a doubt, this decorative style is yours. Read on to discover those ideas that will make your home the best example of industrial style.

Bring out your inner decorator and trust this urban style that was born in the 50s in New York. A trend that draws its origins from the architecture of industries and old factories. Thus, the walls and ceilings are of great beauty without any type of artifice or adornment, not even covered with paint. Wooden beams, exposed brick, and concrete give shelter to spacious and unmarked rooms; the lofts.


Elements to Give an Industrial Air to Your Home

This absence of decoration on the walls and ceilings is due in many cases to the idea of giving a neglected appearance, like decant or passage of time, so characteristic of the inspiration of this decorative style. However, this does not detract from it in terms of elegance or sobriety.

This idea of betting on the old is accompanied, in many cases, by the use of materials that, a priori, seem to not add quality to a home, such as metal, iron, wood, steel, etc. Nothing is further from reality, we will achieve perfect harmony if we combine these materials with other softer brushstrokes of color in textiles, accessories, or even furniture.

In the latter case, the furniture we choose will also be combined with that industrial trend. However, we must be practical, above all – let’s not forget that we are going to live there – if we want to mix simpler pieces with other more classic or contemporary ones. Do you want to make your home a New York loft? Get pieces like metal figures, wooden boxes, antique pieces, or glass and brass bottles to decorate.

Even lighting has its leading role in this type of environment. When dealing with dark tones, in most cases, and materials or furniture that can be visually dull, it is best not to skimp on the light. Thus, to accompany the natural light from our windows, we can place metallic wall lights, vintage touch lights, or floor lamps that remind us of a retro style. Everything to continue with that decorative line.


The industrial style does not look for perfect spaces, but irregular and worn textures. It is part of the grace of a style that seems to want to be careless, little thought, but takes care of every detail to be a very chic, modern, sober, and elegant decoration. Go ahead and change the style of your home combining wood with metal since the combination of metal and iron are the coldest elements and wood brings warmth, it is a perfect combination.