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How long does it take for a refrigerator to get cold?

The refrigerator is probably one of the most treasured home appliances in most households. This is because it is always entrusted to maintain the condition of your food and drinks. If you are using a refrigerator for the first and might be wondering how long it takes for it to get cold after plugging in or after a power outage, more details are provided below.


Factors impacting the duration for a refrigerator to get cold

Age and condition

How long your refrigerator has been used determine the period it takes before getting cold. Most of the time, if the fridge has been experiencing technical problems it takes long before getting cold. It can be challenging for a new refrigerator to get cold especially if it had been in the stores for a long period.


 Where the fridge was stored

Most refrigerator dealers prefer storing their new appliances in a cool room, exposing them to a hot environment may alter their performance after purchase.


Room temperature

Did you know that the temperature of the room with which the refrigerator is stored can affect its ability to get cold? This is especially when the fridge door is left open. Having an active air conditioning system would help in normalizing the temperature of your house hence giving the fridge time to function in the right manner.



There are different types of refrigerators, this includes; counter depth refrigerator, side to side refrigerator, French door refrigerator, and bottom freezer refrigerator. All the different types are structured differently and consume different amounts of power.



A big and tall fridge that does not have much content in it takes a longer period to get cold. This is because all the spaces in it are always competing for the cold temperature, It is advisable to put average content in a refrigerator be it small or big, this is to ensure that the appliance gets cold quickly.



There are different brands of the refrigerator, what distinguishes them is their quality, make as well as the ability to function for a long period without repair or replacement. Studying the different top existing brands of fridges is important before making a purchase, you can consider checking out their capacity, power consumption as well as structure, and this is because there is a refrigerator that works with the smart function.


It’s content

Having too, much or less content inside your fridge may affect its ability to get cold and maintain. One should ensure they have average content inside the fridge; this is especially when using it for the first time.


This is why your fridge doesn’t get cold

Malfunctioning of the refrigerator parts

It is always important for every homeowner to keep checking on the condition of their appliances. Practicing care and maintenance tips emphasized by the fridge repair in Ottawa is important too. It not only improves the efficiency of the refrigerator but also helps in maintaining the condition of the contents preserved in the fridge.


Poor plugging

It is important to check on how well connected your refrigerator is, always ensure that you use the right gadgets to prevent it from overcharging or suffering loss after a sudden power outage.


Tips for speeding up the cooling process

Keep the room cool

There are different ways that every homeowner can use to ensure that the room especially the kitchen is cool despite most of the activities handled in it involving the use of heat. You can consider investing in a heating and cooling system, you should also ensure that the house is aerated enough, through the aeration spaces, windows as well as open the door often for fresh air.


Plugin the fridge properly

As a result of ignorance as well as other unavoidable circumstances, you can find that the refrigerator is not well plugged into the power. Especially if the fridge is close to the wall, you can find that the cables are loosely attached at times. Checking on the condition of the cables is important too, they at times get into contact with materials that make them wear and tear.


Keep the fridge coils clean

Keeping the fridge coils at their best condition is always important below are some of the easy steps to practice;

  • Pull the fridge away from the wall
  • Unplug it and do it carefully
  • Check out the position of the coils and ensure that you can see them properly
  • Start removing any kind of foreign content from them and use a friendly brush when cleaning
  • Ensure that you wipe off all the dirt that may be on the surface too


Do not open the door

Just like any other appliance, keeping on opening it slows down its ability to get cold fast. You should have it closed for a long duration and let it get cold naturally. Some people prefer switching off their fridges at night and prefer opening the door instead. It is important to note that at times this does not work but only puts your food at a high risk of getting contaminated. Refrigerators that tend to have the right power consumption use almost the average amount of power they would use during the day, so if you think of switching it off as a manner of power consumption, it may not be that effective.


Do not put warm food in the refrigerator

Putting warm food in the fridge not only gives room for bacteria to breed but also lowers its rate to get cold quickly. It is always advisable to let the food cool down and ensure that it is packed in an airtight container; this is to ensure that the moisture does not escape to the food.

A refrigerator takes between three hours to twenty-four hours to get cold; however, there are different factors such as brand, size as well as contents inside the fridge that may affect this. It is always important for every buyer to check out all the features of this appliance to ensure it does not affect its function later.