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7 Keys to Setting Up your Home Office

Circumstances and teleworking have meant that the vast majority of people have had to move their offices to their homes. A task that many have become accustomed to since the beginning of the pandemic, but the reality is that we do not always have that ideal space in which to work comfortably and in which to spend eight hours every day.

The need for that workspace in our home goes far beyond teleworking. These types of spaces are also necessary to inspire us, to read a good book, to draw, to update our agenda, or simply to disconnect for a few hours. So the objective of these tips that we are going to give you is not limited only to find an ideal and functional space to work, but rather so that you can develop any of these activities in it comfortably and optimally.

Take note because these tips will help you make the most of what you already have at home to create your new home office.


Delimit a Home Area

This may seem like an obvious thing but the reality is that it’s not always easy not to be tempted to work on the couch or even in bed. It is necessary to define a specific space in our home to be able to concentrate better.


Multipurpose Spaces

If what worries you is that that space is not large enough or that you simply do not have an empty room to turn it into your office, we assure you that any space, no matter how small, can be the perfect solution. Even without extra square meters, it can become a mini-office.


Light is Essential

Natural light influences our brain, helping to improve our cognitive abilities and to be much more productive at work. This is something that we do not always take into account when choosing the right workspace, so a good option is for it to be an open space or near a window and have good artificial lighting at night. That prevents us from having to strain our eyes more than necessary.


Create a Clean, and Orderly Space

An organized and clean space is just as important to facilitate concentration and especially creativity. A good idea is to use elements that facilitate the storage and classification of the different materials that you use or that you need to have on hand during the working day. If you also resort to a decorative element such as a photograph or inspiring message, these will help you make your work area even more welcoming and inspiring.


Colors are Important Too

Colors also influence the way we work. Some colors and tones encourage activity, others help concentration and give an even greater sense of positive energy. So when it comes to designing your workspace, we advise that the colors you choose are clean tones such as white, light gray, pink. The chromatic harmony with the rest of the elements of the office is also important and even if you add some detail in red or orange, these will be key to increase creativity.


Incorporate Some Plant

Numerous studies have revealed that including plants in the workplace increases productivity, energy and even reduces stress, and helps purify the environment. They also allow our workspace to look much more beautiful and welcoming.


Add a Personal Touch

With a desk, a comfortable chair and a good light you will have much of the work done. But it doesn’t hurt that you also include a personal touch, either through color or decoration. These types of details are key to making you feel even more comfortable in that area of the house.


With the arrival of the coronavirus, our home has become our office and for this, finding a space and adapting it to our needs is essential. Try to apply these tips so that you can work or study comfortably.