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Water And Lightening Never Mix

Have you ever had the chance to watch a lightning storm? These storms can really make the sky light up especially at night. But with this lightning can come the fires that lightning bolts can cause if it hits something. Lightning can cause the item it hits to burst into flames that can get out of hand in a matter of seconds. If it hits a batch of trees and it is not yet raining, this fire will be harder to put out as it will have all kinds of dry food. As long as this fire has the trees and air, it can live a long time or until the fire department or heavy rain gets it put out.

In some cases, it can be deadly when lightning strikes people or animals. If a lightning bolt happens to hit you, and it could, it could do two different things. For one it could enter your body by the metal you have on or the metal you might be touching in some way or if you are standing in water. If it does notarticle you out right, it could travel down your body to come out your feet and hands. If this does happen, you will not only have to deal with the terrible burns you will receive, but all of the other health problems that can also show up. It can damage your nervous system, give you sleeping disorders, headaches, and dizziness.

Some of you love to watch storms and some of you even try to chase them. You would be referred to as storm watchers or storm chasers. Some do this for research and some just for fun, but this can be a very risky and dangerous practice. It is much smarter to seek shelter someplace safe because no amount of information you might collect or thrill you might get is worth risking your life for. Never stand in or near water, even a small amount, and never stand under trees. You need to make sure that you check with the coast guard before you go out on the water. If you are already out on the water, playing golf, or enjoying any other outdoor activities and the weather turns bad, get inside right away.

If you happen to be driving in your car and it is lightning a great deal, try to find someplace to pull off and go into a building and wait. Lightning has been known to strike cars and hurt people inside. In any event, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Taking precaution and staying inside during bad weather, especially weather with lightning is just common sense everyone should use. Syndication Source: Visit Aydan Corkern”s sites: Water Damage Baltimore and Water Damage Fort Worth.