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Going Green Without Your Backyard Compost

Would it not be great if everyone in this world pitched in and lived a totally green life? The earth would be so much better off. While it is not likely that this scenario would actually occur, but the more people who pitch in with the little things, the more we can make a change to the future of our planet.Here are some small, but meaningful ways to do your part to help the environment:

Lights On/Off – Growing up, you probably heard your parents nag you about turning lights off when you leave a room. By turning the lights off in a room where we do not need them, you are cutting down on the energy costs for supplying the room with light. You do not have to be in the dark. Just turn on lights where you need them and turn off the ones you do not need.

Save Water – How often do we brush our teeth at the sink with the water running while we are scrubbing away at our teeth? It is a habit most of us have gotten into over the years and never really got out of. By keeping the water running, you are wasting precious water, so turn the faucet off while you brush and only turn it on when you need it.

Take the clothes outside – Every time you use your dryer, you are using more energy than you need to. If it is a warm sunny day, hang the clothes up on a clothesline. Let the wind and the warm air dry them for you. Leave the dryer for the days you really need them. Hanging clothes to dry worked for the pioneers and it can for you too!

Get rid of the junk mail once and for all – Junk mail comes in droves every year to unsuspecting households. The junk we receive ultimately gets thrown out, which is like throwing away our precious trees. There are a few places to sign up to stop the junk mail from donning your doorstep. Save those trees and the environment by just saying no to mail you did not ask to receive.

Reading and browse online – Instead of getting 14 catalogs a month in the mail, save space and the environment by browsing through the pages online. No more stacks and clutter of catalogs getting in the way of your home and no more wasting trees to make them. View what you need online if your catalogs are available through the Internet.

Go homemade with your cleaning – There are too many chemical-based aerosol cleaning products seen in homes today. These can be harmful to us as well as the environment. In most cases, some of the cleaning can be done with regular ingredients you can find already in your home, such as lemon juice for cleaning mold and mildew.