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Solar Powered Homes Being Built On The Real Estate Market

Recently I was doing some research about solar power and I found this really interesting article about Japanese homes being sold with pre-installed solar power! This is actually a pretty amazing concept if you think about it because most of us have to install this stuff on our own. But here, you can actually buy the home with the solar power technology already installed! The whole point of utilizing solar power is to embrace the “go green” motto. But this isn’t just about cleaner air and improving the environment, its also about replenishing your bank account. Today for a solar powered watt per hour you will pay about $4! And there are new technologies being introduced every single day.

In fact, one company has introduced a system called The PV System. This system connects to the nearest power grid; whenever there is a surplus of solar energy being collected at a particular home, it is transferred to the power grid for dispersed utilization and as a way of lowering the grid’s dependence on the hydroelectrically-driven electrical energy production. Being linked to the PV System can keep your prices down as equated to full-fledged solar energy, while at once reducing down the pollution and taking pressure off the power grid system. Some places are designing centralized solar accumulation arrays for small townships or suburban communities!

So built in solar powered panels help to achieve cost saving goals. When excess power is generated by the panels, the surplus is sold back to the local power company and homeowners can make a few extra dollars. Inside these solar power pre-installed homes the walls show the mount of electricity the panels are generating and the amount the home is consuming. Now right now I don’t know of any builders in the US that have the same options for solar power pre-installation like Japan offers but I do know that there are companies that are willing to come to your house to install something like this. There are also projects in which you can do on your own. Now in my experience with reading through this information; having a company actually come to your house, can be expensive. Whereas if you do it yourself by buying a program or an e-book to help you build your own solar powered generators it costs a lot less, and I mean A LOT less. Here are a few books you might want to check out regarding solar power and building your own generators:

Earth 4 Energy – A complete step-by-step guide. This guide will give you steps on how to form your own DIY solar and wind powered generators and it’s as easy as 1-2-3! This book contains some really terrific additions to make it easy to understand and comprehend, such as step-by-step instructions and illustrations!